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Sorry for not being on Tumblr or updating the fanfictions. I’m currently editing the fanfictions, as my english has improved. I will upload them to wattpad soon. You can read it then. I can assure you that it will be much much better. Better vocabulary, better grammar. Thank you for understanding.

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Are you planning to update forbidden love? I love that fanfic please make an update soon, love you :))

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will you be uploading forbiddden lovee?? I love your fanfics <33 pleasse

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Forbidden love - chapter 7 (Eden Hazard, Olivier Giroud)

The day I was at Eden’s house nothing happened. He drove me to my brother’s house and that was it. We texted a few times, but that was the only thing that happened.

Tom also texted me a few times, but I just ignored it. My brother even wanted to change my number. I didn’t let him of course. 

I already made some friends, I met two nice girls. They were so friendly! 

I was walking, searching somewhere for work. 

I found a little parfumery, they were searching for an employee and yeah, I was searching for a job. I got the job and I was working with two girls. One named Elise and the other one Jessica. 

They were very nice when I met them. I give them my number and vice versa. 

When I told them I was Thomas’ sister, they were shocked. Well, I can’t deny the fact that my brother is handsome. And his teammates as well. 

Olivier and me got closer, as friends. He was like my best male friend so far. We have quiet fun when the boys are at home and I don’t have anyone to talk to. 

I didn’t go partying much, because I don’t love it. Getting drunk and stuff, that’s not something for me. 

It has been a month since I am in England, and I admit that it’s better here than in Belgium. The weathers are the same, of course. I don’t like the weather in England, but nor in Belgium (A/n don’t take it seriously guys). 

Today, my brother and his teammates were going to a restaurant in London. I didn’t want to go, so I called Elise and Jessica for dinner. Me, the good cook I am, made some delicious food for them. I hope they like it though. 

'Hi girls, welcome!', I said to both of them, hugging them. They entered my house and greeted me back. Jessica was a tall girl, with blonde hair. She had a body like those VS models. She was beautiful. Elise wasn't little either, she was also tall. But she had some curves. Both of them were very beautiful! 

We ate our food, joking and gossiping about random things. It was funny, when Jessica told us about something that happened a few years ago with her ex-boyfriend.

'Yeah, and then when I met his mother, I accidently threw the drinks on her! You should have seen her face, she was furious!', we were all laughing. Jessica was a waitress, in the past. She did it as a student job. And one day, her ex boyfriend came to the restaurant she worked in, and yeah.. She threw the drinks all over his mother. 

A few hours passed and the girls decided to go to home. I hugged them goodbye and went back inside. 

I began singing the song of Pharrell Williams.

'Because I'm happy

Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof

Because I’m happy
Clap along if-‘, suddenly my phone rang.

'Hello?', I said. I heard loud music and people screaming above the music.

'Hey babe, how are you doing', the familiar voice slurred. Even if I couldn't hear good because of the music?

'Olivier? Olivier are you drunk?', I asked.

'Nah, just drank a few shots with our booyyyyyyysssss', he slurred again. Hmm, so they went to a club after the dinner? They are very, very smart. Because all of them have training tomorrow. If Mr Wenger hears this, they will be in deep shit.

'Where are the others?'

'I don't knoooooow. I think I lost them', he said. I got angry, of course. Like, you are professional football players. You need to know that you just can't do this. MIDWEEK.

'Olivier, did the others drink?', of course they would have drank something. 

I heard him chuckle, ‘Yeah babe, everyone took a few shots. Hmm, they were delicioooooousssss. You should have come.’

'Stop calling me babe and try to find the others, I'm coming to pick y'all up. Since you're all drunk.'

'Party pooper you are', he said teasingly. Oh god, he was a pain in the ass.

'Which club are you at?'

He didn’t know which club they were at, well okay.. I took the keys to one of Thomas’ cars and decided to go to the club that was the nearest. 

I searched, but they weren’t there. 

Up to the next one. After visiting four or five clubs, I finally found them. All of them - well, three of them, since they were with three - were drunk. My brother, Olivier and Aaron. Oh god. This is going to be a long night. 

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Football.. played with a ball?


Read my newest post about matchfixing. Share it, or Idk. 

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Ballon d’Or.

Wow. This evening was amazing!
Jupp Heynckes receiving the best coach award..
Neuer; Silva, Ramos, Alves, Lahm; Xavi, Iniesta, Ribery; Ronaldo, Messi, Ibrahimovic all in the best 11 of 2013!
Pele receiving the FIFA Ballon d’Or honour award.. And crying.. Such an emotional moment! He’s a legend!
And Ronaldo, after 5 years, finally receiving the Ballon d’Or. He was crying, his girlfriend was crying, his mother was crying.. But his father was missing. I couldn’t hold back my tears either!
Such an amazing evening!
Congrats to all the players!
- Meyra xx